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Two yellow chicks standing with their beaks touching standing on a light brown litter in a shed.
Image credit – Farmwatch

Each year in Aotearoa, approximately 120 million chickens are farmed for meat in industrial and factory farm conditions. Measured only in tonnes, an unknown amount of fishes* are farmed in underwater factory farms. 

These animals live some of the worst lives of any farmed animals but are underrepresented when it comes to news, education and campaigns to improve the lives of animals. 

We’re here to change that! 

Learn about the reality of chicken and fish farming in Aotearoa, about the labels on the meat sold at retailers, about the lives of rescued chickens, and ways that you can help.

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Media Release: Ruffling feathers – Cafés ranked on their chicken welfare

Biggest café name in New Zealand signs on to improve chicken welfare.  Columbus Coffee tops the just-released report, ranking popular café chains’ animal welfare policy. The report reveals which brands are lifting their supply chain standards for chickens farmed for meat, and, importantly, which are not.  The country’s largest dedicated coffee chain, Columbus Coffee, is…

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* The term ‘fishes’ rather than ‘fish’ is increasingly being adopted by the animal advocacy movement to recognise and emphasise the individuality of the intelligent, feeling individuals we are describing. (The fish-farming industry only measures fishes in tonnes, rather than numbers of individuals.)