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Close-up of a white rescue chicken standing on grass, looking into the camera. There is a pile of wood and a blue hose in the background.
Image credit – Jinki Cambronero.
Marianne smiling holding a white rescue chicken.
Marianne Macdonald
Executive Director

Marianne has thirty years of experience working as an animal advocate both in the UK and Aotearoa.

She holds a Batchelor’s degree in Life Science, specialising in Ecology, from the University of West London and a Master’s in Marine Biology from Bangor University in North Wales.

Marianne ran her own business for over 20 years in Auckland, as a Neuromuscular Therapist and Mind Coach. She spent four years as a Therapeutic Massage Diploma tutor at Wellpark College and worked for three years as the Executive Officer of industry body Massage New Zealand.

She has worked with several animal organisations including as a researcher and campaigner for the National Anti-Vivisection Society in London, and as a Campaigns Manager and then Head of Campaigns with SAFE for Animals. Marianne also spent seven years on the governance board of SAFE.

Mona smiling holding a white rescue chicken
Mona Oliver
Campaign Director

Mona has a background in political campaigning. She has worked on four election campaigns for the Green Party in New Zealand and Australia.

​She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Policy, and in 2019 completed a Certificate of Proficiency in Animal Law.

As an animal welfare campaigner, Mona worked directly with the legal team who won a ban on farrowing crates at the High Court. She assisted with research, Statement of Claim and witness statements in that case. She also worked on the live export petition in 2019 that received over 30,000 signatures in support of the ban.

Animals Aotearoa Board and advisor


​Dr Roz Holland, Veterinary Science Advisor

Debbie Matthews

Avril McIntyre


Mandy Carter, Co-Executive Director, Animal Policy International

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N.B. Animals Aotearoa is separate from Animal Agenda Aotearoa, which does excellent work putting animals on the political agenda and helping voters make informed choices on animal issues in elections.