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Wide-angle shot of thousands of white chickens in a shed. There are no window - just fluroescent lights. No floor is visible - it is just a sea of bodies. The left shed wall has a series of holes that give the birds potential access to outside. There are red food hoppers and water lines suspended from poles that run the length of the shed.
Image credit – Farmwatch.

Our team can provide spokespeople, quotes, images, video footage and background briefings on chickens bred for meat (broiler chickens) and hens used for egg production (layer hens). 

We can also provide spokespeople or quotes about other farmed animal issues.

For media enquiries, please email or call 027 305 5252.
​For all other enquiries, please visit our Contact us page.

Media contacts

Marianne Macdonald, Executive Director 021 0232 5558
Mona Oliver, Campaign Director 027 305 5252

Marianne smiling and holding a white chicken, Beluga.
Marianne Macdonald, Executive Director,
with Beluga.
Mona smiling and holding a white chicken, Pou.
Mona Oliver, Campaign Director, with Pounamu.

Media images and videos

​Animals Aotearoa has access to a range of images and footage of chickens bred for meat (called broilers by the chicken industry) in New Zealand. Images and footage are from fully indoor systems, from free-range systems, as well as of rescued chickens.

High-quality images of chickens bred for meat, in New Zealand factory farms
High-quality footage of chickens bred for meat, in New Zealand factory farms
High-quality images of rescued chickens bred for meat.

Background briefing

About Animals Aotearoa

Ending the suffering of farmed animals.
Kia mutu ai te whakataumaha i ngā kararehe pāmu.

Animals Aotearoa was founded to drive change for chickens bred for meat by encouraging food businesses to end the worst suffering for chickens. We are part of the Open Wing Alliance, a global alliance of over 80 organisations working to improve the lives of chickens around the world. We are also part of the Aquatic Animal Alliance, working in a similar way to help fish and other aquatic animals. 

Launched in 2021, Animals Aotearoa is an animal advocacy organisation campaigning to end the suffering of farmed animals in Aotearoa, focusing on chickens bred for meat.  Animals Aotearoa is working with leading food companies to encourage them to commit to using slower-growing breeds of chicken, which have been shown to be healthier and have much better lives, and other welfare improvements specified in the Better Chicken Commitment throughout their supply chain. We ask businesses to set clear deadlines for implementation and be transparent in reporting annual progress towards their commitments.

A screenshot of Marianne speaking in front of some greenery. Text from the video reads "Inside a 'franckenchicken' farm. Footage released to RNZ shows fast-growing chickens with splayed legs, unable to stand or..."

Animals Aotearoa media releases and coverage