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The A-Team logo - A black line drawing cartoon of a chicken, a chick, a fish and an eel. The chick is holding a placard saying "Chickens deserve better" and the fish is holding a placard saying "Fishes need friends"

Take quick, easy and effective online actions for animals.

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Powerful food businesses have been silent for too long when it comes to the welfare of chickens. As the A-team, we work together to change that! Every animal is an individual who can think, feel and suffer. We’re holding businesses accountable for how they treat animals, and we need your help.  When you become part of the A-Team, you will be joining an online community that takes simple online actions to push forward Animals Aotearoa’s corporate campaigns.

The hands of a person wearing a metal watch, holding a mobile phone and a pen. The mobile shows a twitter feed with comments asking a company to stop supporting animal cruelty.

Food businesses listen to their potential customers, so you are in a powerful position to give them feedback on how they are treating animals. This is a very effective way to achieve change for farmed animals and the more of us that get involved, the quicker change happens.

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you short emails usually once a week (sometimes less often, sometimes more often depending on what’s happening with our campaigns). Each email has a quick, easy online action to take to make positive change for animals.

A seated person,  seen from behind, typing on a laptop with a petition on the screen

Types of actions include signing petitions, emailing decision-makers and commenting on social media. The best thing is that these actions can be taken in the comfort of your own home or wherever you have access to a computer or smartphone.

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