Nando’s and Pita Pit’s chicken double-standards exposed in latest Animals Aotearoa campaign

A white-feathered chicken who has fallen and is trapped on their back on the brown litter of a shed floor. The underside of the chicken has very few feathers and bright pink skin shows through. Their breast feathers are dirty and the underside of their tail feathers caked in excrement. The logos of Nando’s and Pita Pit are on the right of the image.

In August this year, we launched a first-of-its-kind report, Delivering Better, that ranked delivery food companies on their progress towards improving chicken welfare. We gave food businesses across Aotearoa the opportunity to meet with us, discuss chicken welfare and participate in constructive solutions that reduce the suffering of millions of animals – but some companies are refusing to take the welfare of chickens seriously. 

Today, we launched a campaign against Nando’s and Pita Pit, two fast-food companies from the Delivering Better report who were ranked under ‘failing to communicate.’ They were also awarded the ‘double-standards’ badge for having committed to doing better in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Despite receiving communications from Animals Aotearoa over a more than a nine month period, these companies are continuing to sell suffering to their customers in Aotearoa.

Sign the petition to demand Nando’s and Pita Pit source better chicken, naturally.

Although these brands use free-range chicken, all chickens raised commercially for meat have been selectively bred to grow abnormally fast. These breeds of chicken grow so big and so fast that many suffer chronic pain and lameness. Some can’t lift their bodies up off the floor to reach food or water. Others struggle to breathe or suffer organ failure within weeks of being hatched. All because they’ve been bred to grow faster than nature intended. 

Nando’s and Pita Pit claim to care about animal welfare but are continuing to use unnatural breeds that have suffering coded into their DNA.

Fast-food shouldn’t mean abnormally fast-growing chickens.  

Nando’s and Pita have the power to change the way the chicken industry rears animals, by demanding healthier chicken breeds and much better living conditions. They have used this power overseas, but so far chickens in Aotearoa have been excluded from these much better standards.

Tell Nando’s and Pita Pit to sign the Better Chicken Commitment.