How do delivery brands stack up on animal welfare?

It’s been six weeks since we launched our Delivering Better campaign, showing how food businesses rank on animal welfare – specifically chickens bred for meat.

Rightly, people have been horrified to read about cruelty to chickens from major delivery brands, especially those that market themselves with terms such as “ethical farming”, “full disclosure food” and “sustainable agriculture.”

Just this weekend, Rochelle learnt about the Delivering Better campaign and wrote:

“Disgusted to know that here in nz this is how the chicken I have been feeding my family is treated. It’s cruel and we can do better !!!”

Shockingly, the vast majority of the chickens raised for meat in Aotearoa come from industrial farms that use chickens selectively bred to grow unnaturally fast, reaching a size larger than a natural adult chicken in just six weeks.

Around the world, more than 500 businesses have already committed to improving the living and slaughter standards chickens face in their supply chain.

Whilst some companies in Aotearoa have committed to these standards, most companies are lagging behind global progress. 

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Tell the food businesses lagging behind, it’s time they do better!

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