End NZ chicken cruelty

One white chicken sitting on dirty brown litter. The photo is taken from above and one of their legs is sprawled out to the side
Image credit – Farmwatch

Investigators picked her up, but her legs were too swollen to stand.

She can’t walk. Her legs have collapsed. She can’t reach the food and water.

She is on a free-range farm. 

The stark truth is that within days she will be dead – either culled, if found by a worker, or dying from thirst.

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Behind closed doors, there is an animal welfare emergency. All over New Zealand, there are millions of chickens being bred for their meat and farmed in the most horrific ways.

We have exposed this animal suffering is even happening on so-called ‘free-range’ chicken farms.

In the time it takes you to read this page around 500 chickens will be slaughtered. 

Bred to grow unnaturally fast, they double in size each week of their short lives. Their baby legs are often too weak to hold their huge bodies. These chickens are slaughtered at just six weeks old. 

These shocking scenes represent “business as usual” in the chicken meat industry.

Food companies have the power to end this suffering. Instead, they’ve stayed silent and let the chicken industry continue to cause lives of misery for these young birds.

Together we can send shockwaves through the food industry and end some of the very worst suffering faced by chickens day in, day out.

Join us to demand that food companies do better for chickens by committing to higher welfare standards. You can help call out companies that contribute to this cycle of misery.

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