Costco chicken cruelty

A small yellow chick with beak open, standing on hands wearing gloves. In the background are hundreds of chicks on the floor of a shed with rows of red feed hoppers.
Image credit – Mercy for Animals.

Crowded, filthy barns. Chickens struggle to walk under their own unnatural weight. Skin burned bare from ammonia-laden litter. Dead days-old chicks. Piles of rotting birds. 

This is Costco chicken.

The suffering of chickens supplied to Costco, (the massive retailer currently setting up in Aotearoa), has been exposed by Mercy for Animals. We need your help to urge Costco to stop this animal abuse.

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Write a letter to Costco Managing Director Patrick Noone

Points you can make in your email

  • I'm shocked by the suffering exposed at the factory farm that supplies Costco in the US.
  • The baby birds in your supply chain are paying the ultimate price for your cheap chicken, by being forced to grow explosively fast.
  • Animal cruelty is inexcusable.
  • I'm aware that you have set up in New Zealand. Costco chicken cruelty is not welcome here.
  • Over 500 companies have already signed the Better Chicken Commitment to prevent this suffering. It's time for Costco to do the same.
  • Please tell me what you are doing to make sure this cruelty isn't brought to New Zealand?

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world. The suffering of Costco chickens has been exposed and, as Costco is setting up in Aotearoa, we’re supporting the international campaign to create change. 

In 2019, they began raising chickens for a new Costco-owned slaughterhouse in Nebraska, United States. Mercy For Animals investigators uncovered the horrible truth of what happens to Costco chickens behind closed doors.

​Campaign update

In October 2021, Costco announced a chicken welfare policy that fails to meet the high standards of the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), which has been signed by hundreds of other companies, including their competitors.

The global campaign continues.

​We are demanding that Costco signs the BCC and takes urgent action to switch to using slower-growing, healthier breeds. 

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