In the news: At the bottom of the pecking order

World Animal Protection’s global release of their annual report The Pecking Order, ranks fast-food chains’ treatment of chickens. The report shows that all chicken meat served in New Zealand comes from chickens bred to grow too big too fast, leading to lameness and other health issues.

The report also ranks New Zealand food businness against other countries and shows we are lagging behind many comparable countries.

“New Zealand trades on an image of high animal welfare, but World Animal Protection’s damning report shows, yet again, how false those claims really are,” noted Animals Aotearoa Executive Director, Marianne Macdonald.

“Kiwis expect high standards for their animals. It is unacceptable to see that our major fast-food chains are failing chickens. It’s time for them to step up and commit to slower-growing breeds and other welfare improvements.”

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